Pedro Ricardo Miño

pedroPiano Flamenco

Produced and Recorded by Alan Kozlowski
© 2005 on the path

Pedro Ricardo Miño was born into a family of renowned flamenco artists in Sevilla, the heartland of the flamenco culture. With his guitarist father, Ricardo Miño, as his teacher and his dancer mother, Pepa Montes, nourishing his spirit he began playing piano at the age of four. Piano is an instrument not usually associated with the flamenco tradition but one that has given him a fertile canvas of expression. You can hear his guitar and vocal influences in the techniques he has developed to express their lyrical phrasing. Classically trained as a graduate of the Sevilla Conservatory of Music, Pedro Ricardo stands alone in the world of flamenco piano. His virtuosity together with his passionate and sensitive style make him one of the most dynamic young flamenco artists of our time.

1  Tio Beni (alegria)  5:21
2  …a Pastora (tientos)  7:04
3  El Morapio (solea)  6:11
4  Sarazate (zapateado)  4:43
5  Dime (jaleo)  4:35
6  La Carolina (taranta)  9:03
7  Camino de Vuelta (fandangos) 5:18
8  Plazuela Santa Ana (buleria)  4:08
9  Seguirilla for Ravi Shankar  9:27


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